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The EarthServer Initiative

EarthServer is establishing open access and ad-hoc analytics on extreme-size Earth Science data, based on and extending leading-edge Array Database technology.  

Database query languages serve as client/server interface for "mix & match" access to multi-source, any-size, multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data - in short: "Big Earth Data Analytics" - based on the open standards of OGC and W3C. The platform technology, rasdaman, gets extended with further spatiotemporal coverage data types. Highly effective optimizations - such as parallel and distributed query processing - ensure scalability to Exabyte volumes.

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Six Lighthouse Applications with 100+ TB will demonstrate feasibility of this approach. Experience is being fed back into standardization to advance OGC specifications.

Project Brief Title: EarthServer
Run time: Sep 2011 - Aug 2014
Budget: 5.85 mEUR
EU Contribution: 4.00 mEUR
Funded by: EU e-Infrastructure
Project Number: 283610