D 6.2 Networking Report - Pilot

Between August 2016 and June 2017, individual project partners and the EarthServer-2 consortium as a whole were involved in multiple outreach activities to reach domain-specific audiences, policymakers, industry experts and the general public. Dissemination of EarthServer-2 project activities as well as the exploitation of project results play an integral part to increase the project’s impact and to disseminate project outcomes.

Different expertise of the EarthServer-2 project partners gives the ability to reach out to a variety of different communities, including climate science, marine science, planetary science, Earth Observation and spatial databases.

Dissemination channels used span the entire width from more traditional scientific channels, such as scientific and technical conferences and publications, to more modern channels, including new media channels, e.g. blog post entries and interactive events, e.g. hackathons.

Networking activities contain oral talks and poster contributions at scientific and technical conferences, scientific publications, media-related news items, technical workshops, hackathons, tutorials as well as establishing collaborations with external partners and research groups.

Eighty-eight outreach activities, individual and joint, have been accomplished in order to promote the EarthServer-2 initiative, to update different parties about the project’s status and outcomes and to liaise with the community to get valuable feedback from the user’s perspective. It is worth highlighting the three joint activities of the EarthServer-2 consortium. Either several project partners have been involved at one event or a dedicated EarthServer-2 workshop or booth has been prepared with joint forces. One highlight was the EarthServer-2 short course at the European Geographical Union (EGU) General Assembly 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

In general, a reinforcement of the outreach activities is expected in the last third of the project, to disseminate the project’s outcomes and achievements. A stronger focus will be set on joint activities of all the project partners in order to highlight the advantages of interoperable data services. Some practical workshops dedicated to access and retrieval of large data volumes with the help of WC(P)S are already at planning stage.