The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) is developing the next-generation EO infrastructure for the archival, curation, and sharing of open data and computational resources - for the membership, by the membership. This task responds to the growing need for infrastructure support within the GRSS community, including TCs, Chapters, Global Activities, Industry. Further, it is a response to GRSS strategic direction SD1 EO Data and Compute Resources for Technical Development.

Stakeholders of this infrastructure activity include GRSS (to address SD1, increase membership, contribute to outreach); TCs (common platform to leverage); GRSS members (centralized resources - links to publications, data, platform, code); general public (incentive to join, centralized repo and platform), Chapters (platform for sharing/using datasets and training). To start with, as agreed in the December 2021 AdCom, in 2022 existing cloud platforms and services should be explored and studied, among others.

Datacube Offering

Following a staged approach, EO-Cube starts with a prototype service of a fully standards-based open GRSS EO datacube infrastructure, for seamless embedding into the overall infrastructure. It makes use of state of the art array database technology with datacube query support, federation capabilities, and appropriate access control. A federation with existing Petascale EO datacube assets will enable completely location-transparent distributed datacube fusion.

Further, current technology trends - such as from ISO and OGC with the forthcoming ARD and Datacube WGs - will be duly considered. By the end of the activity the service will be ready for seamless transition to sustained operation - initially operated in the AWS cloud, it can be moved or multiplied to any common cloud; the federation can also span heterogeneous clouds.

Service Access

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