National Computational Infrastructure NCI/ANU

NCI, part of the Australian National University is a comprehensive, vertically integrated research service that is engaged with and embedded with research communities, high-impact centres, and institutions and collaborates internationally. NCI has particular responsibility for national environmental research including climate change, earth system science, national water management, the geosciences, and earth observation, as well as national leadership in the ongoing strategy for supporting computational research. Within these data collections are datasets which will benefit from a close alignment with science community driven standards developments, and high performance technologies that are progressed within the EarthServer-2 activity.

The technologies being developed around high-performance data arrays and datacubes and the adherence and advancement of OGC and IEEE compliant services are strongly aligned with existing activities at NCI. Further, the integration of the analysis and visualisation environments aligns with activities at NCI under our collaborative Virtual Laboratories program, which has been developed since 2010.

Geoscience Australia applies geoscience to Australia's most important challenges by providing geoscience information, services and capability to the Australian Government, industry and stake-holders. Currently, Geoscience Australia is reprocessing all historical (and new) Landsat imagery. Through a partnership between CSIRO, NCI and GA, this data is being aligned with other satellite observational data sets to be provided as single datacube which it plans to serve out from NCI in conjunction with flexible services that allow users to quickly analyse the data.

NCI is an associate (unfunded) partner of EarthServer 2 consortium