GEOMATRIX UAB is an SME founded in 2011 and based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The company is focusing on applied research in geo-informatics and development of innovative services for agriculture, including CAP subsidies control, smart farming, agriculture statistics and crop insurance. The company is developing a Sentinel-based Agriculture Information Service (SAGRIS), which is designed as a modular satellite imagery processing and BIG Data analysis engine with artificial intelligence sub-system, designed for continuous monitoring of millions of farmland parcels (www.sagris.eu).

Datacube Offering

In the framework of EarthServer federation, Geomatrix offers regional time-series of calibrated, ortho-rectified and terrain-flattened Sentinel-1 polarimetry SAR products, pre-processed with SAGRIS production work-flow. Currently we have published Sentinel-1 archive datasets of Lithuania (2015-2020), Latvia (2019), Azerbaijan (2019), Uzbekistan (2018), as well as recent (2020) data of Germany and Denmark.

This service has been set up as part of the EU H2020 PARSEC Business Accelerator; a limited amount of new Sentinel-1 polSAR data is possible to additionally process on-the-fly for PARSEC beneficiaries.

Service Access

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