Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG), Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, is engaged in long-term activities in the fields of materials and coastal research that are making a major contribution to resolving the large and pressing issues facing society and the scientific and business worlds.

Datacube Offering

HZG contributes a growing amount of its research model data as datacubes to the EarthServer federation. Themes include physical oceanography, ecosystem models, biogeochemistry models, atmospheric models and observation data, interpolated to grids. Several hundreds of thematic datacubes are already available onlline.

Biogeochemistry in coastal seas plays a big role at the Institute of coastal research. Scientists investigate the origin, conversion, and fate of chemical substances in the transition zone between land and sea. Users can perform statistical evaluation and selectively download derived data, such as the difference between water temperature and air temperature on ground, or the weighted sum of the water volume.

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