Jacobs University is a private, English-speaking campus university in Germany with highest standards in research and teaching following an interdisciplinary concept. Its aim is to strengthen people and markets with innovative solutions and advanced training programs. Students from more than 120 nations join the vibrant international community at Jacobs University.

The Large-Scale Scientific Information Systems Research Group innovates on flexible, scalable services for massive multi-dimensional data, often called "datacubes". A main result is the pioneer Array Database System, rasdaman. Further, the group leads datacube standardization in OGC and ISO, and contributes critically to the European SDI initiative, INSPIRE.

Datacube Offering

The Jacobs University datacube service provides educational material on backgrounds and practical use of the OGC, ISO, and INSPIRE datacube standards. Webinars, tutorials, and in particular manifold hands-on examples introduce to the use of 1-D through 4-D data through a wide spectrum of clients, from visualization over analytics to fusion.

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